Perhaps no single technology has affected the lives of people so much as the information Technology, since the invention of wheel. It has revolutions the way we think, we work as we live. Hence, if is truly described as the ‘IT- Revolution’, and the Technology of the century’. It has produced millions of jobs and billions of dollars in foreign exchange, to bring qualities changes in economic well as social lifestyles. It has also provided empowerment to the people, who can reap the rich dividends of technology, by having access to information.

The growth of IT sector in India as well as the world of opportunities for employment and income generation in IT sector, in the near future. Moreover, with the high reputation for expertise earned by Indian professionals worldwide, there is growing demand for these professionals by organizations all over the world.

Management education in India got off a start in early 1960′s, but received its due recognition only in 1990′s; when the process of liberalization and globalization was set into motion. It changed the scenario competitive one and expansion of market boundaries to global level. This new situation led to a spurt in demand for qualified management professionals by business in India; as they had to change over from family owned business to modern professional organizations. Competition from private sector, MNC’s and cheaper foreign goods forced Indian business to shift their paradigms and adopt new professional approaches to Management.

ASPM College has taken the initiative to launch IT & Management programmes with specially designed syllabi and curriculum covering various aspects like computer applications, software developments, hardware technology, networking, wed designing, bio-informatics, e-commerce, etc, The study programmes include not only class-room instructions but also hands to training on latest equipments and software’s, under the guidance of experts.


Instructional System & Facilities

The ASPM. College is devoted in imparting high quality education in Computer/ Information Technology. With a view to ensure quality training, college has state-of-art facilities. The College aims to provide the best facilities and learning to its students. The course and designed by team of Senior Technical Executives, System Analyst, Experts, supervised by instructors keeping in view industry requirements and then only adapted by them.


Well Equipped Labs. & Classrooms:

The institute has well equipped lab & Classrooms. The students can avail the extra laboratory facilities apart from their regular hours, with prior booking for the same, which ensure their absolute familiarity with computers. All the computers at the Institute are equipped with latest configuration to ensure that students get the environment, which they will be in after successfully completing the course. The classrooms of Institute are comfortable and equipped with modern facilities so that the students are able to have a better understanding.


Knowledge Resource Centre:

The Libraries serve as a backbone to all academic activities on all the college across the county. Our libraries house, a collection of text reference materials, journals, magazines, audio-video, CDROMS research reports, Newspapers, which have been carefully selected from a number of professional institutes and students get himself updated with the changing Technology. All students have direct access to library resources.


Teaching Aids:

Teaching aids are extensively used to enhance the knowledge base of the students at a faster rate. The BGM College arranged all the necessary Audio-Visual Aids like Color TV, DVD, VCD, and VCR for Modern Learning and easy understanding.


Uninterrupted Learning:

The Institute has installed uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with all the computers. This is further supported by Generator facility to cater the problem caused by long hours of power failures. This ensures a continuous problem free learning environment.


Career Counseling:

Regular Interaction with Experienced Academicians and Experts keep the students abreast with the ever-changing trends of the market. The staff to the institute always extends a helping hand to students guide them in all their queries related to careers.


Campus Life:

Higher Education has never been and will never be purely about gaining an educational qualification. Apart from enriching knowledge and skill in a chosen discipline, learning it is greatly concerned with building a positive attitude. It arms you with asset of values that you as a professional will need throughout your life.


Making Learning Fun:

ASPM College is an extremely welcoming and friendly place to study. Apart from interactive classroom learning, the students find ample opportunities to enjoy themselves. Innovative methods and a highly qualified faculty make this problem in a healthy learning environment.


Guidance Teachers: Nurturing Relationships

At ASPM College, all Teachers also act as Guidance Teachers (Gts). The concept of a GT, which is not new, is that of a friend, philosopher and guide. All students are assigned Guidance Teachers who monitor their academic progression and personal development. These sessions address issues of both personal social importance, anxiety, abuse, drugs, alcohol and sexuality. This interactive platform significantly enhances the introspective and problem solving abilities of the students thus leading them towards greater self reliance in the learning process.